Scott Bye

Scott Bye

Associate Director

Scott Bye volunteers his time as an Associate Director and Treasurer/Secretary.  He is a retired firefighter with 26 dedicated years of serving people and communities in California.  He now calls Utah home and has decided to commit his time to help those without a voice of their own.  Scott co-founded Voices of Wildlife along with his friends Brian and Sheri, with a goal to preserve the natural order of the wild in a world that is evermore developed and consumed by humans.

He and his wife Colleen enjoy the outdoors and spend as much time as they can exploring new places.  Whether climbing rocks, riding bikes, or skiing the back-country, they love to see animals in their natural environment, as it adds to the experience of being alive and free.

Scott says he has been captivated and intrigued by wild animals his entire life and fascinated by their ability to survive and adapt in our tumultuous environment.  In this effort, he believes we need to use sound science-based information that is peer-reviewed, current, and apolitical.  Scott also feels we must adopt policies that help protect our wild animals and lands from human development, exploitation, and possible extinction.

Sandy, UT