Sheri Morgan-Perkes

Sheri Morgan-Perkes

Associate Director

Sheri Morgan-Perkes is an Associate Director; focusing on development and outreach.  Together with Brian and Scott, she co-founded Voices of Wildlife out of a deep love for animals and commitment towards their protection.

Sheri also works full-time in real estate, managing a brokerage as well as a personal investment group.  She brings her years of experience in business over to the nonprofit world; with the hope of making a difference in the lives of the animals she is so passionate about.  She feels a special connection with them and considers it an honor to spend her life advocating for their right to live free from harm.

When she is not working or fighting for animal rights, Sheri spends as much of her time enjoying the outdoors as possible.  She loves traveling the world, scuba diving, skiing, hiking, yoga, mountain biking, and climbing.

Salt Lake City, UT